Year A, Quarter 2


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YAQ2-14-colourYear A, Quarter 2, Lesson 14: A Bride for Isaac

Eliezer follows Abraham’s instructions and finds a wife for Isaac.

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YAQ2-15-colourYear A, Quarter 2, Lesson 15: Twins That Weren’t Alike

Jacob wants Esau’s birthright.

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YAQ2-16-colourYear A, Quarter 2, Lesson 16: Jacob’s New Name

Jacob wrestles with God. “I will not let thee go, except Thou bless me.”

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YAQ2-17-colourYear A, Quarter 2, Lesson 17: Family Problems

Joseph, Jacob’s favourite son, has dreams that make his brothers angry.

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YAQ2-18-master-1Year A, Quarter 2, Lesson 18: Faithfulness Rewarded

Joseph’s captivity turns to a blessing.

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YAQ2-19-colourYear A, Quarter 2, Lesson 19: God Prepares a Deliverer

Jochabed and her children prepare a basket to save their baby.

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YAQ2-20-colourYear A, Quarter 2, Lesson 20: God Shows His Power

The angel of death passes over those with blood on the door.

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YAQ2-20-colour-(1)Year A, Quarter 2, Lesson 21: Free at Last

The Israelites are free and God opens the Red Sea for them.

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YAQ2-22-colourYear A, Quarter 2, Lesson 22: God’s Promises at Marah

God causes bitter water to be made sweet.

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YAQ2-23-colourYear A, Quarter 2, Lesson 23: Food From Heaven

God feeds His people with manna.

$0.75 per download.

YAQ2-24-colourYear A, Quarter 2, Lesson 24: Water From a Rock

God provides water in the desert.

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YAQ2-25-colourYear A, Quarter 2, Lesson 25: God Speaks His Law

Moses receives the ten commandments on Sinai.

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YAQ2-26-colourYear A, Quarter 2, Lesson 26: How We Love God

“Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”

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