Year A, Quarter 1


Full Set of Year A, Quarter 1: Click here to purchase. (You will be directed to my Etsy shop to make the purchase.) $6.50

You will get all 13 colouring pages listed below, for the reduced price of $0.50 per sheet.

If you would like to purchase individual sheets, you can choose from the ones below.

YAQ1-01-colourYear A, Quarter 1, Lesson 1: Our Wonderful God

A mother reads the holy Book to her children.

$0.75 per download.

YAQ1-02-colour Year A, Quarter 1, Lesson 2: Lucifer’s Sad Choice

A depiction of how Lucifer may have looked before his fall.

$0.75 per download.

YAQ1-03-colourYear A, Quarter 1, Lesson 3: God’s Beautiful Creation

Christ the Creator on day 5 of creation.

$0.75 per download.

YAQ1-04-colourYear A, Quarter 1, Lesson 4: God’s Creation Finished

Adam and Eve spend time with Jesus at the close of creation.

$0.75 per download.

YAQ1-05-colourYear A, Quarter 1, Lesson 5: God Gives a Very Special Gift

A family worships together on the Sabbath day.

$0.75 per download.

YAQ1-06-colourYear A, Quarter 1, Lesson 6: A Very Sad Day

Eve is tempted by the serpent.

$0.75 per download.

YAQ1-07-colourYear A, Quarter 1, Lesson 7: Two Brothers Choose

The first children of Adam and Eve.

$0.75 per download.

YAQ1-08-colourYear A, Quarter 1, Lesson 8: Noah Builds an Ark

Noah, his family, and the animals were safe on the ark during the flood.

$0.75 per download.

YAQ1-09-colourYear A, Quarter 1, Lesson 9: God’s Promise in the Sky

God sends a rainbow after the flood to remind us He will never again destroy the earth with a flood.

$0.75 per download.

YAQ1-10-colourYear A, Quarter 1, Lesson 10: Foolish Builders

The descendents of Noah are scattered when God confuses their languages at the Tower of Babel.

$0.75 per download.

YAQ1-11-colourYear A, Quarter 1, Lesson 11: Selfishness Never Pays

Abram and Lot part ways when their cattle are too numerous to share the land.

$0.75 per download.

YAQ1-12-colourYear A, Quarter 1, Lesson 12: Angels Rescue Lot

Lot flees from wicked Sodom.

$0.75 per download.

YAQ1-13-colourYear A, Quarter 1, Lesson 13: Abraham and Isaac Trust God

Abraham is asked by God to sacrifice his only son Isaac.

$0.75 per download.