Bible Colouring Pages

10383545_10154328275815253_5719177367943646292_nJael Baldwin began teaching the kindergarten Sabbath school class at her local church in the fall of 2011. While there is a wide range of free Bible colouring pages available through a Google search, she found that many Bible stories were simply never addressed, not to mention much of the art was either amateur or downright ludicrous. She decided to apply the gifts God has given her to fill this gap and has been working on these colouring pages on and off for several years now.

Jael’s digitally downloadable colouring pages correspond with the 3-year My Bible First kindergarten Sabbath school program, which is what she uses for her classroom, but they will suit a wide variety of Bible programs. Please visit the side navigation to see what is currently available. You can purchase individual pages or packages according to your needs.